Alright prior to making Baklava, let me take you back to when I was a child. Growing up in Asmara, Eritrea, there was only one bakery that sold Baklava. It was located in the centre of downtown, around Cathedral area. The specific location was behind Ambassador hotel. I do not know how many of you can recall the bakery but it was just a beautiful place to be. Anytime, my parents gave me money, my best friend Mimi and I either went there to grab those sweet bites or we used our money to purchase apple, LOL. As funny as that may sound, apple was not the regular fruit you found in a household. Therefore, it was just very natural for us as little kids to crave what we did not have on a regular basis. Going back to the old good days now, I realize how much of the little things mattered. It was the little things that made us the happiest. The money we used to get from our parents was not even probably enough to buy one apple, but since we craved it, we bought apples and/or Baklavas, shared it and enjoyed every bit of it. To your surprise, Apple now is actually my least favourite fruit, but the fact that we used our little money to buy just ONE fruit/Baklava and were still able to smile makes me some type of way now.

Took those shots as my sister and I waited on the Baklava!

I am the type of person that carries much of my childhood memories to the present day, because that is what ultimately makes me, me. As the holiday is also approaching, I thought of making Baklava at home so we can all enjoy the freshly home made desserts. Nothing like home made food!

Moreover, I am also aware that it is a fasting season for Orthodox Christians. During this time of period, animals products are prohibited. Therefore, it is possible that one can make Baklava without adding any animal product and still be able to have something on the dining table. The fact that it can be vegan based also makes it fairly healthy.

Additionally, the recipe is very easy and manageable. People that would like to reduce their sugar intake can also put the amount of sugar according to their needs. Thus, it does not have to be too sweet. I am pointing this out, because many people automatically relate Baklava with being extremely sweet that they cannot consume it. However, I am here to tell you that it is actually up to you to either make it too sweet or less sugary.

Okay now, we will move on forward to the steps on how to make Baklava!

Step 1: Wash your hands

Step 2: Prepare the necessary ingredients and items you need.

Phyllo dough, Water, Lemon, Sugar, Almond, and Unsalted Vegetable Butter.

Butter container, Brush, A bowl ( for the water, sugar, and lemon) and of course an oven tray. It is optional to use a foil on the tray.

Melt your butter, grind your Almond ( or any type of nuts you like).

Step 3: Spread the butter on the tray using the brush.

Step 4: Boil your mixture of water, lemon, and sugar.

This is a mixture of water, lemon, sugar and a little bit of honey. This needs to be cooled afterwards. You will need it when your baklava is ready.

Step 5: Spread the grounded Almond all over your Phyllo dough as follows

YUM! Once you put one layer of the dough, you put butter and then the Almond. And you repeat the steps.
You leave your last layer empty. Please, do not put the Almond on top. Then, use a knife to cut it horizontally and then diagonally.
Out of the oven and soaked in the cooled mixture of water, lemon, sugar, and honey.
You put it on the oven at 350F for about 45 minutes. Check your oven thoroughly.
Help yourself!

Usually, when soaked in the mixture of the water, lemon, and sugar. It is a good idea to let it stay like that for at least for 6 hours or for overnight. The colder it gets, the better it tastes.

I hope you guys try this at home.

Once again, thank you for reading.

Love & Blessings

Till next time…