About me

Holla! My name is Saron- born and raised in Asmara, Eritrea. I currently live in Canada, a country where I had always dreamt of coming. And, of course I owe it all to my beloved extraordinary father for all the sacrifices he has done and continue to do so. I am a 24 years young post secondary student who takes pride in standing on my own grounds.

Your legacy will forever live!

Moreover, my parents are both University graduates and so growing up you can only imagine how important Education was in our household. As a child, my mom always encouraged my siblings and I to read extra books out of our school curriculum to make sure that we nurtured our reading habit. In my elementary school years, I used to read English story books my mom used to buy me and translate it into my native language, Tigrigna. I would then send it to the national TV station to be aired on the children TV program so that kids my age would get the chance to hear about the stories I read.

Me, Myself & I

As I grew up older, I began participating in extracurricular activities such as presentation in large group of audience, debating, drama, music, dance in events like teachers-parents meeting, student’s festival week as well as Eritrea’s national Festival year.  Similarly, I used to gather kids my age in my neighbour and help them in their studies. I would be their “temporary teacher” and explain all the things we learnt during the day at school.


As far as I can remember, I have always been a believer, a go getter , an honest and hard working individual who is very passionate about the natural world. Also, I just loved writing. I always kept a diary where I expressed my happy and sad days. Whenever I encountered personal or family issues, I would run to my diary whom I call Precogi lol and let out all of my emotions ( I might write a whole blog about it in the near future). My diary felt like my safe heaven then and now as a young adult, expressing my worries, frustrations, doubts, happiness, sadness, failure, and heartbreaks, on my eight years old diary only feels natural and liberating. The older I get, the more my perspective on life changes and the more positive and different I become. Therefore, I am turning my diary into this online platform where I can share my life experiences, random thoughts and ideas in the hopes of inspiring others because I do highly believe in the POWER of sharing!

Lily is inspired by my mom’s nick name.

When I am not at school/work, I am either at home cooking/cleaning, at the library stressing over my assignments, or blasting a loud music and arguing with my dad over silly things like to to or to not lower my music’s volume lol. My dad at this point is actually kinda tired of me and my karaoke nights and random dance moves that I perform at home sometimes. Lol! You may also find me walking at the park, at any cute little coffee shops reading, writing, and/or hanging out with family and friends and talking to My MiMi ( my human diary) and I meant deep convos over the phone, hahaha!

Vibrate higher, attract better

On that note, I hope you guys enjoy reading and find something useful out of this.

Thanks for reading!

Love & Blessings