Reflections on the Love of God.

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Wow, hi, Lilydope blog readers! It has been a minute, and how I miss engaging with you all?! I have not been in the best shape to write and share but now that I am back and better, why not go ahead and say something? God has also recently been reminding me to continue to write even if he knows that; I at times doubt myself and my abilities or how well I write. Seriously, God speaks to us in different ways only if we allow him to and pay attention to how he tries to communicate with us. I try to pay attention at least, and quite honestly, I have not been disappointed in trusting him. On the contrary, whenever I go with what I only think is better, be it life decisions, small or big, I get into situations that I should not have in the first place. People may refer to this as their gut feeling, and when good things happen, they are often simply a matter of luck or a coincidence!

Speaking of coincidences, call it whatever is meaningful to you now, to be honest. However, I am sure you will be blown away by the end of the story I am obliged to share. I cried the day I witnessed what I am about to share. I know I am such a crybaby, but hopefully, some of you will relate to it.

To be a little specific, what I am about to share happened a couple of months back, on my birthday month. In particular, I am stating the time because that is when I was born and what happened then strengthened my relationship with my late mother, Lily. It made me believe in God even more. As a few of you may know, I have been working on my last year of Social-Work degree the past year and few months into the year of 2021. As part of the school curriculum, I was in a social work practicum that gave me an excellent opportunity to integrate and apply my classroom learning into practice. I am only sharing this for God’s glory! Anyone can do it!

Mind you, the placement I was in was not my first choice, but I remember feeling at home the moment I stepped in for my interview, and of course, I got it! I did not pass two interviews before that, and honestly, I was not angry at all. Life has taught me in many ways that rejection only means redirection! Redirection to greatness! Redirection to where God wants you to go, excel and serve! Redirection to exploring new interests! Redirection to fulfilling your HIGHEST potential! God takes you where you are needed and not where you just intend to go! I am not saying I do not have desires, I do not work for MY dreams! God wants us to dream and work hard, but HE also interferes in our lives to facilitate our process and put us into GREAT PLACES we think we cannot because HE knows we limit ourselves for some reason. What may seem delay to us at first turns out to be beyond what we can comprehend. Won’t HE do it?!

All this to say, I had one of the best learning experiences in my practicum, and most of all, I met a fantastic group of professionals that helped me enhance my learning. Again, God was at work! It is not always that we get to meet easy-going, good-hearted, and humble people. However, what shook me the most was that one of the social workers in my placement gave me a motherly vibe. It was an instant feeling from DAY one. I remember I called my best friend to let her know how I felt. I told her, this person that sits across from me in the office reminds me of my mother’s friend, Zefer. I also told her even their last names sounded similar to me! My best friend, per usual, was delighted to hear what I told her, and she reminded me that my Mom was and will always be with me.

I never shared anything with the person, however, for professional reasons, of course. What I will say next is what you will also find hard to believe as I also first could not believe it myself! I received a beautiful email from the same worker on my last day of practicum that said this.

The email I received on my last day of practicum from the person I thought gave me a motherly feeling on my first day of internship.


Less is more; God is real! Even when I am not consistent with him, HE stays the same. HE IS SO amazing! I do not have much to say!

I hope this was insightful.

Thanks for reading!

Till next time

Love & Blessing


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