You evicted me, YOU betrayed me!

Imagine yourself in your daily routine for a second. You have been out running errands, busy doing your thing, hanging out with friends, whatever else you normally would would have done in a day and, when you arrive home only to find out that your Landlord has been waiting for you to evict you! Yes, that is exactly what happened to me and my sister 8 years ago today! Let me give you the whole story. Okay, so this happened when we lived in Nairobi, Kenya. Our Land lord was habesha who, it turns out that he was simply subleasing us the apartment that he rented from the real owner. What we did not know; however, was that he was was not paying the owner the monthly rental fees, and as a result, one day, the owner of the apartment suddenly showed up and told everyone in the apartment to leave his place as soon as possible! I remember he was extremely furious! How could he have not been?


My response to his order at that time was, “How can someone be as cruel as him and evict people with no notice”? “How can he harshly yell at people for something they are not responsible for”? All I knew that justified my reasoning at that time was of the fact that I paid rents promptly and that I should not have had to go through an emotional distress for doing things right. It just did not add up!

To your surprise, at this point of my life, I already had my Canadian visa issued on my passport and I was just pushing my flight to Canada to the end of May because, my sister and I decided to spend Easter in Nairobi, particularly at KidaneMihret Church! I mostly likely won’t be able to put my spiritual experience at Kidanemihret church into words today, but I will forever be grateful for all the beautiful memories that are engraved in my heart and even more thankful for all the amazing people that I still continue to call my family. I grew to be extremely patient, understanding and empathetic.

Moreover, I was angry at God for allowing the eviction to happen knowing that we were basically prolonging our stay in Nairobi for Him. I was thinking what lesson could God had possibly wanted us to learn out of this? I was constantly expecting God to act in a certain way because for me, choosing to stay to celebrate Easter was something I thought I was doing God a favor I think. Though I wholeheartedly wanted and decided to honour Easter in Nairobi, I still felt betrayed when I got evicted because I thought I was doing everything right in His ways for things not to go smoothly. I remember we were only given few days to completely move out and the stress and confusion we had to bear at that young age was something I thought I would never have to go through in life, at least not at that age, not in a foreign country.

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Fast forward to 8 years, what it seemed like it was tough times we now look back with sentimentality. Going through those hard times makes us thankful of what we have. Ever since then, I have learned it is more profound to be “good” not because of religiosity but because you want to be. For example, I should have stayed to celebrate Easter in Nairobi then not because of my expectations that God would acknowledge my acts and make things go smoother, but simply because I wanted to celebrate! Please, do not get me wrong, I stayed because I wanted to, but I realized I had expectations when the eviction suddenly occurred. Looking back now, I thank God for it!

I hope this was insightful!

Till next time

Love & Blessings


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