Valentines should be everyday!

Alright, it is that time of the year where all the single people in the world are once again reminded of their singleness! Lol hi everyone single, hang in there boo. Also, if you are one of those people who are big on Valentine’s, you do not have to have a significant other for you to celebrate. Go surprise your girlfriends with flowers and candies, little notes, dates, and whatever else may interest you and the people you are surrounded with. It can be as simple as a walk by the river, hike, (YAY) long drive and music (my kinda date), long conversations (YAS & YAS), and cook and bake together( Gosh, yes especially if you live on your own). Then, catch a movie and have wine together!

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Now that I have given you tips on ways you can celebrate, let me tell you that I have never been the type of person who makes a big deal out of February 14, and to this day, I am not really a fan lol. First of all, valentines should be every day! Why do you have to wait for that one day to make the person you are with special? For me, the thought of celebrating Valentine’s cringes me and truly I do not who started it and why. I would like to think that I am very intentional about the things that I do and for me to celebrate without knowing the history that lies behind Valentine’s is just weird. Knowing and understanding what Valentine’s stands for is one thing, but following what the crowd normally does without being aware is something I cannot get along with.

That being said, let me say my two cents as to why I think Valentines should be everyday!!!

  1. If Valentine’s is the day where you show your person the extra love, why not try to do it everyday? If their love language is a word of affirmation for example, why not write those little notes on their bathroom mirrors so it will be the first thing they see once they wake up and head over to wash their faces?! Why not, write each other letter and make each other happy? Why not simply write how much you appreciate each other regularly? I am sure it would be worth trying guys!
  2. Hold her freaking hands and you do the same thing baby girl: There is absolutely a magic that happens when there is a physical touch between partners. I am not going to cover the other things, but I am sure a simple hand-holding goes along the way. Get her hands and caress her. The little sweet things matter big time! Do it every single day!
  3. Hugs: Therapeutic it is. PERIOD. Hug each other and stay hugging for long. The best hugs also come from the back and take this as a tip from me lol. Wink!
  4. Communication: If you are going to wait until Valentines to become the lovey-dovey person when communicating, you gotta check in with yourself boo.

The moral of the story is little things matter the most. I am also not against people who celebrate Valentine’s, I mean do it all by all means if it makes you happy! Moreover, try to incorporate the things you do on valentines regularly.


Happy Valentine’s Everyone! Lol!

Thanks for reading!

Till next time

Love & Blessing


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