Dear ICRC,

We are gravely worried about the 50, 000+ Eritrean Refugees inside the Tigray region of Ethiopia, mainly in the 4 refugee camps. They are in an immediate danger of starvation and death. After the war in Ethiopia broke out, the refugees were left at the camps all by themselves with no rations, medical care and protection. If you do not reach these refugee camps and provide immediate assistance, thousands of women and children will die soon.

Their livelihoods are dependent on food rations from UNHCR and other humanitarian organizations. However, we have received direct calls from the refugees especially from May Ayni and Adi-Harush camps; telling us that, the UNHCR and the ARRA (Ethiopian Federal refugee agency) which used to administer the camps have left for their own safety and the refugees are now left with no food, no clean water and no medical care. They have also reported that there was a battle inside the Adi-Harush camp between the Ethiopian Federal forces and the Local government forces killing 3 and injuring 5 refugees. Soon after, another refugee was shot when attempting to fetch water from a nearby river and he has sustained heavy injury.

As you can imagine, if nothing is done the rapidly deteriorating situation will soon create a humanitarian catastrophe claiming the lives of tens of thousands of lives. Please do everything in your power to avert the situation and rescue the refugees.

Thank you in advance.

P.S. This letter is not originally written by me. I am just passing it along so it is easier and faster for all of us to do our part as soon as possible!

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  1. Elen Tekeste says:

    Yes its true


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