What I told my diary 7 years ago

My Diary since July 2011

Written on 30th Oct, 2013.

Dear Diary, how is it going? Hope aight!

Well, I am doing okay these days… a little better I guess. I started to study my lessons and read English story books as well. Life in Kelvin High school with new people, new culture and shit, I swear to God I hate it! In fact, it was not exciting at all. Not like my expectations. But, I think it is okay for now I guess as I think I have made friends. Genet, Sofia, Nestaho, Saio, Yasmen, Vanessa to mention their names, even if I am not so close to them, I at least can talk to them whenever I feel like talking! School is going okay too but I am still not like I used to be. In God’s will, I will change that. I missed Nairobi though so much and especially Kidanemihret Church.

I cannot believe it has already been 6 months here… 6 months left for a full year. LOL.

I am thinking of joining a gymnasium around my place as I have to exercise for physical education class and I guess for my own fitness and health as well. At the same time, I want to volunteer somewhere related with Health Sciences … sooner if I am hoping to have a lil fun time. I mean like seriously I might just start over my life. I should though! The question remains how the heck am I going to to fix it all? Yeah, just like what I said in my English presentation about the movie we watched, Coach Carter, have a desire, a willing heart and take a step forward! Also, realize that it is never too late to be who you want to be!

Love you and Good night ….kisses!


My reflection

Huh? Going back to when I was basically new here in Canada and reading what I was thinking in that specific moment is so precious to me! How refreshing is it to see the growth that happened within the past 7 years? It is almost unbelievable because I did not necessarily picture myself where exactly I am right now. I would like to think that I am a believer and I do imagine my future, what I want to do, what I would like to accomplish and etc like everybody else does. If I have to be honest though, my future at that time was blurred because I was facing different life challenges. I could not even if I wanted to. My priority was to navigate through the new culture, the terrible cold weather and especially for someone who just made it out of the tropical weather, adjusting to new people, different school system where I had hard times opening lockers, and not to mention the times I was late for class because I was not able to correctly locate it.

If you went to Kelvin High and you never took a mirror pic… did you really go there?LOL

There were also days where I kept on raising my hands to participate in class because that is what you would normally do. Right? Well, that was not the norm here guys. That was apparently so new of me! LOL. Moreover, the age gap between me and my fellow class mates at that time was also another challenge I had to have patience for! Seriously guys, I was eighteen and in class with students aged 15, 16 and specifically in math class. I could not relate nor understand their sense of humour. Working on home works/ assignments while in class was my way of staying away from my fellow classmates. They would then be surprised because I have already finished completing my home works and they would all come to me to take pictures of my notebook. LOL. Only if I can have that type of energy now… my procrastinator side of me is wishing to have those days back!

Mrs. Remillard. One of my absolute fav teachers!
The only decent pic I have from high school gradWith Mims and Sofia!
Melon for Meron. Xoxoxo

Putting out my 30th of October, 2013 journal was not even on my plans. However, I do know stumbling on of the most challenging times of my life cannot coincidentally happen in the times where I am going through a rapid growth. All I can say now is that change does occur if you believe, if you are willing to put in the work, and continue to be patient. I am probably stating the obvious but somebody probably needs to hear this today including me!

High school Grad- the only photo I have! This was the time where I thought I was “behind” in life. Graduated high school at 20.

You may not be exactly where you want to be but you will be! The funny thing is that once you reach where you thought you want to be is where you will want to see more of a change! We are constantly evolving but we are also where we are supposed to be! Never late at it!

Change is such a beautiful process. We ain’t have to stop but let us also not forget where we were!

Thanks for reading!

Till next time

Love & Blessing


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  1. Mezekr Mogos says:

    That was beautiful and inspiring!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. lilydope says:

    Thanks boo, cannot believe this is from Asmara! I am crying !!!


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