Ever can tell the difference between what I am holding? Lol!

Future Child to be!

How beautiful is it even to fathom that,

One day, in God’s timing,

You will transform into a 

Whole Being?

Isn’t God’s work magnificent?

Only Science does not do justice.

Thus, on this very random day,

I would like to appreciate the experience 

we go through, and most of all,

To all the “lost” eggs, 

To the ones that did not get the chance 

To be just like us,

We honor you.

Often, we complain of the pain

We go through so much

That we do not understand how

Fortunately, we are to be CHOSEN.

Though we would like you 

To take it easy on us.

We love it when you come along.

All of you.

The pain.

The hormonal changes within us.

The emotional imbalance.

The appetite loss/gain.

The specific cravings.

The Cramps.

The rush to use the washroom.

The desire to rest.

Every month is a different experience. 

We await you.

Thank YOU for choosing me. 

My eggs need my affection!

Thanks for reading!

Till next time

Love & Blessings


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