Late Cappuccino= Zero sleep= Random thoughts!

Bruh, it is 2:00 am. Why am I completely wide awake? I am paying for what I thought was a spontaneous dinner with one of my girls whom I had not seen in more than a month! She ordered cappuccino right after we had our delicious supper, quickly after, the smell of her drink was just so inviting for me not to have one. Mind you, I refrained from consuming caffeine today, and oh well, I failed. I sound dramatic but don’t you hate the feeling of wanting to sleep but somehow cannot sleep? That is what I am currently up. Since random thoughts started occupying my mind, I woke up, brought my laptop, and started writing! I initially thought of just writing it out in my diary. At that moment, however, I realized why I started pouring my heart out online. I remembered why I like to share my thoughts and randomness publicly! So, here it goes!

Summer Days!

I sometimes find myself living unintentionally. I tell myself, sometimes you just got to let it be! Our generation also refers to it as to “go with the flow type of lifestyle”. Now, do not get me wrong, I do agree with the notion of letting things be in light of not beating yourself up so much for the things you cannot necessarily control. However, taking on things too much could have detrimental effect on how define happiness, hence affecting our laughter!

Now, smile for me. Let’s smile for five seconds together. LOL.

You see, being silly could solve so many of our problems! However, not being able to balance could also be challenging where it can lead to what I like to call it double D LOL, disappointment and dissatisfaction.

Yikes, not the most pleasant things to feel!

There comes then my question to myself and you guys, do you then practice mindfulness in every aspect of your life? If yes, how do you keep track of it? When and how can you notice that you have not been mindful?

Through literal consequences of your actions and how it may affect your daily routine ? Do you happen to experience unfamiliar emotions and feelings that are not easy to say what the exact cause is ?

I am stating this, because I have kind of been struggling with a similar situation, but sharing it with you all makes it meaningful.

Whoever may be on the same boat, we will overcome it in God’s will always!

Let us not lose hope!

We can learn from each other, so please do not hesitate to share your opinions!

Thanks for reading!

Till next time

Love & Blessings


One Comment Add yours

  1. Muna says:

    I always love this random section! Shows me how similar our thoughts are….enjoyed it boo! Keep goin!


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