Feelings do not dictate truth

Felt like heading to Toronto lol but I just enjoyed my visit to the local airport instead.

Our feelings fluctuate with life circumstances, which are dependent on certain things such as time, health, whether or not our basic needs are met, our desires, our accomplishments, our relationships with family and friends and for other reasons. However, just because our feelings are real does not always mean they dictate truth. Truth in this specific example means self-worth, how much we are loved, our capability to climb that 3-meter ladder, our strength to sustain healthy boundaries with family and friends and the list goes on depending on what your goals are. Moreover, recognizing and validating our feelings is significant because avoidance will only be beneficial temporarily. Quite honestly, speaking from an experience, turning your feelings away can get you anxious where you will constantly find yourself unsure of what’s to come and hence fear to face things you may not necessarily be ready for.

For instance, there was a time where I continuously avoided my constant feelings of emptiness where I felt alone and hopeless. Retrospectively speaking though, I wish I sought a professional help where I would have been able to share and relate and know that my experiences were quite normal. Expressing and validating my emotions would not only have had helped me grow as a person but also facilitated and stimulated my mental health. Seeking help also does not mean it is a one time type of thing. It is rather continuous process.

Moreover, self-introspection can help us navigate through our feelings, biases, preconceptions, limiting beliefs which will then help us create a healthy environment where we can maintain a healthy relationship with ourselves first. This will then eventually help us get rid off assumptions we may have which often lead us to being judgemental.

Often times, not paying attention to ourselves and not being intuitive enough is what results into losing our sense of inner peace. That is also when we do not approach things mindfully. We become too oblivious that we no more pay attention to what is around us. Thus, not only do we become inconsiderate of others but we unintentionally become accustomed to anti-intellectualism- people who ignore knowledge, facts, data and etc. A contemporary example is people who refuse to wear masks and thus spread COVID-19 to others.

There are countries who have and have not mandated wearing masks. Whether or not masks are mandated is irrelevant. What is important is that we as individuals have the basic respect and responsibility towards one another in making sure that we play our role in preventing corona virus spread to other people.

Some people may not feel the need to wear masks because of misguided notions of “freedom”- asserting that wearing masks “violates” their liberty- and those people’s feelings blinds them from seeing the truth: we live in a world wherein others’ actions affect us just as our actions affect others. Therefore, we need to be mindful and protect those that around us because we would expect others to do the same.

Let’s please be mindful of the truth and play our part to the greater good, and in this case is wearing masks!

Thanks for reading!

Till next time

Love & Blessings


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  1. MK says:

    A rising star from Eritrea in the making! The contents keep going better with each post. The sense of deep thought, original thinking, reflection and unbelievable expressive writing skills make your writing chewable to a vast audience. I salute you “the incredible Saron”! I hereby call all supporters to provide Saron with the help we can offer; morally, financially, sharing and adding our thoughts and comments. Well done on this brilliant work!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. lilydope says:

    Thank you dearly for the encouragement!


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