Rain does me something…

I love the sound of rain so much that I also think it calms me to some extent. Even on not so rainy season, I am used to listening to the sounds of rainfall on my phone or on a loud speaker before I go to sleep and/or when I am reading/studying. Rain also has a unique way of telling me that God is always in control. Today, we were showered with rain in my city and I absolutely loved it. I almost wanted to stay outside and get rained on. Dancing on the rain is actually one of my favourite things I want to do. Not quite sure why I have not dared to be out there and try what it feels like.

Photo by Aline Nadai on Pexels.com

The rainy season also reminds me of life back home when things were much simpler and the only thing we had to worry of was the games we missed playing. I miss the rain season in back home a lot! The times you gather up and make a bone-fire with your family, making some corns, the muddy-like smell after rain are still my favourites. Playing marbles (ባሊና-in Tigrigna) with your homies was on another level. Good times!! Rain also reminds of the two beautiful years my younger sister & I lived in Nairobi, Kenya. The country that I plan on getting back in God’s will one day for sure. I miss the fruits, the friendly people, communicating in Kiswahili even if it was just basic. More importantly, I miss the street food which consisted of variety of Kenya’s local food such as Ugali with some spinach/beef stew, and the yummy Chapati (flat bread).

Home made Ugali with some spinach and eggs by one of my friends-Japhi.
Home made Ugali & Stew by one of my girls- Nyambs.

Moreover, the story that I want to tell you guys involves the school that I went to growing up. My school with no exaggeration really took care of its students just like how a mother would nurture her beloved children. My childhood memory is actually still stuck in my elementary and junior years. I have vivid memories of my teachers, my friends, and things we used to do. How I love reminiscing on the old good days! I would like to use this opportunity to give a special shout out for anyone who went to Fre-Selam elementary and Junior school. Huge thanks also goes to all of the teachers for helping us in the foundation of solid academic base which is instrumental to social and professional success.

Now let me take you back to around 2006 if I can remember correctly.

One day, right before school dismissal for the day, it started raining. The school director at that time made sure that all of the students stayed in their classrooms up until the rain stopped. I remember, the security man at the school door yelling at the students “go back to your classes until further notice” as students were already on their way to leave.

My best friend Mimi and I looked in the eyes and already decided to run and sneak out fast. Yup! We sneaked out even though the poor guy was yelling “stop young girls, you better come back or I know who you two are, and you will be punished for this tomorrow”. Our silly selves did not make big deal out of the consequences that may follow us the next day and we just started running.

We walked home for about 30-45 minutes enjoying the heavy rain falling on us. We would on our way stop and enter to any store we find open and take a little rest from the rain. We would walk again and stop by any sort of store up until we all of a sudden wanted to pee so bad. You won’t believe what I will tell you but it is what it is. LOL. One of us came with the decision of peeing on ourselves because we were already wet anyways. Our innocence approved what on our mind was, and with no second thoughts… we peed on our pants! Mind you, we thought we completed a race and became so happy in finishing up our mission. The amount of laughter we shared then is for the books and it will forever be remembered. The courage we took to step out of the school because we were determined enough to try what we said we will do is very inspirational to me. Often times, even as adults we are afraid of trying new things or stepping out of our comfort zone because we do not know what the outcome will be. We limit ourselves and choose to stay on what looks familiar and end up losing opportunities. It really is okay to try and not succeed. You may not get what you thought you would, but there is definitely a valuable lesson you will gain and make a use of in the future.

We also had this idea of “your hair will grow longer if you get rained on” thoughts that we thought the times we stayed outside getting rained on would make a difference on our hair length. LOL. It is funny how I am remembering things so randomly and especially after I cut my hair short recently. I never had my hair as short as this as an adult, and the fact that I cut it on my own while face timing my best friend was priceless.

If there is anything that you are indecisive about, I challenge you to go for it! Whether it is dying your hair a different colour, signing up for a specific course, moving out of a city/country, applying for that job, or asking out that girl you have been talking to for a while… you honestly have nothing to lose! At least you can confidently say you tried!

May we all also be encouraged to try to see things differently. Many people associate rain with gloominess but it has been different for me.

In Rain, I find the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth.

In Rain, I find calmness & solitude.

In Rain, I find deep memories.

In Rain, I find freedom,

In Rain, I find Happiness & Love.

And most of all, in Rain… I find ME.

Thank you for reading!

Till next time

Love & Blessings


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