Happy Mother’s Day To The Most loving Mother Saint Mary and all the Mamas out there!

A year ago today, I woke up and suddenly came up with the idea of creating a writing blog. Like I mentioned in my previous blogs, 2019 was a year of amazing transformation for me and through a lot of intentional self-reflection, I took the necessary first steps to creating one. I was even thinking of launching the website the same day on Mother’s Day in an honour of my mom, but it just was not realistic. However, I came up with my own logo; which is a black butterfly in a bright circle within the same day.

Butterfly is meant to signify a free-spirited me, who at first may come out as too serious and not easy going person. Butterfly is also a true representation of change, hope, and growth. The reason behind the black butterfly is to reveal the difficulties, challenges, hardships, I, Saron may face and that there is no obstacle that I won’t be able to overcome. Something we can all relate to! The bright sun colour circle is to represent the continuous change we may go through which helps us to grow in every aspect of our lives. The sun colour circle moreover is to direct us into brighter days ahead.

Today, in the honour of my mother, Lily, I will share how my mom has inspired me to be the woman that I am today! Simple life principles she instilled in me that I still try my best to always apply on a daily basis. I will start with her kindest and honest heart. She had one of the most softest heart I know till this day. She was the kind of person that cannot bear to hear negative things to a point where she sometimes chose to avoid from hearing stories that may come across her. I think that I took this type of character from her. However, she was very strong in terms of standing on her own grounds and protecting her children. She was blunt and very very very straight forward. If there was one thing my mom hated the most, it was talking nonsense, lies, and twisting words. She would literally take you right in front of the people you may had arguments with and ask you to talk it out right in front of her until things are well settled.

You may say every mother is like that, I sure can agree with that but to me my mom was UNIQUE.

Mama! Photo Desta- Asmara, Eritrea

I did not get the chance to spend lots of time with her on this earth, but what she taught me as a little girl is still profound to this day and everything that I am is all because of her. She always emphasized on staying honest, kind, and have a forgiving heart.

In addition, my mom loved reading, and is always rooting for people who are all about Education. That is why, when I sometimes get discouraged and wanna give up on my education journey, I remember her and she instantly renews my energy.

My mom most importantly was a crazy dancer. She once told me that one of her best friends and her used to go to weddings even uninvited just because they wanted to dance and have fun. And she continues, we still do it as adults! HAHAHA…. I honestly find her very interesting!

I do not have much vivid memories about my mom that I can actually share here, and the ones that I have are very sacred to me that I would rather keep it to myself for now.

I will end it by writing a short letter…

Dear Mama,

It has been 11 full years since you left to heaven! Every day feels different without seeing you in flesh! There are somedays that I still await for you to be home. I have cried a river almost everyday after God suddenly decided to take you with him. However, I hear you every single day and there is nothing beautiful than feeling your spirit and guiding me through my ups and downs. We are well mama and we cannot wait to make your proud.

P.S. I miss the Cappuccinos Mimi and I used to drink at your work place! I miss the delicious peanut butter you used to make at home! I miss your smell and dancing with you so much!

Happy Mother’s Day in Heaven!

Love you lots!

Your beloved first daughter… warm hugs and kisses!!!

To MY miraculous Mother Saint Mary … HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

To all the MAMAS out there – Happy Mother’s day!

Thanks for reading

Till next time

Love & Blessings


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