Alexa… block his number please!

God and only You can heal yourself

My healing process included a lot of self care such as reading, reflecting, meditating, hitting the gym ( even if I most of the time just ran lol), walking on the park and talking to my diary, face and hair masks, drinking plenty of water, listening to podcast and mainly to Jay Shetty… OMG! I love him! He will also publish his first book titled “Think like a Monk” in April which is also my birthday month. This is a hint to my friends and family lol. Wink! To continue with the list of my self care process, I was hanging out with my family and friends, watching movies and TV shows, working full time, singing with my amazing and wild friend- Nyambs hey girl hey lol. Karaoke with my school mates ( my favourite people by the way), taking two trips to Montreal and surprising my best friend Mimi in Toronto and caught up with some other old friends. Not to mention the celebration of my two amazing friends’ undergrad graduation. And of course witnessing MY BABY LOVE’S IB ( International Baccalaureate) high school graduation and preparing him to head to McGill University to pursue his dreams. If you cannot tell who I am talking about lol, he is my one and only little brother Meron. I also reunited with my chillest and loveliest big brother- KB after being separated since 2011. Although I got the chance to see and spend few days with him while in Khartoum, Sudan last year, there is nothing like having him here. I am loving the fabulous family time with him, my dad, and my sister KUKI; aka the funniest person of the family. I love them to the moon and back.

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  1. Juju says:

    This is beyond beautiful Saricho, you are very brave to go thorough all of that and only be positive with your self and the faith of God. Keep it coming xo ❤️


  2. joanaschulze says:

    thank you for sharing

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    1. lilydope says:

      Thank you for the encouragement JU beautiful 🙂


    2. lilydope says:

      Thank you so much for reading!


  3. Gual asmara asmarino says:

    ” once you start to speak about what has let you down , you are totally healed &only few people step to that ”
    You are totally amazing &such a strong lady. Keep chasing your dreams & focus on the goals that matters. What is meant for you will always be yours. ❤keep shinning


    1. lilydope says:

      Wow. Thank you so much :))) What is meant FOR US shall come on its own right time!


  4. msmergia says:

    Saroniye my love,
    You have no idea what reading this post meant to me. Sharing the most raw parts of our stories frees us and those who read it. Your story encouraged me to become bold enough to want to share my
    Own similar experience soon. Thank you for being courageous enough to be vulnerable, you exude strength in ever sentence of what you shared. I’m proud of the woman you’re becoming, proud of how you showcase your scars with your head up knowing that others others will be able to have better experiences because you refused to cover it up!

    I love you, I look forward to walking alongside you in this journey called life, I’ll be here in your cheerleading squad, better things are ahead….keep on speaking life little sis ❤️


  5. lilydope says:

    You are one of my favourite role models. I feel very honoured reading your message. Love you so much!


  6. Hanuchi says:

    Sarona am very amazed by ur story and the thoughtful words u put on…well the same story happens to alot girls…but the best relationship in their destiny is yet to come because God see the the pure and broken heart.thank u for sharing this for the whole u

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    1. lilydope says:

      Ah wow, thank you for reading and the encouragement doll! I reiterate… God is good all the time! Thanks for the reminder lovely! With lots of love on your way, xoxo.


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